NAPFA values its student members, and has several offerings tailored specifically to the needs of those working toward becoming Fee-Only financial advisors, looking to become CFP professionals, or just getting more information about financial planning as a profession. Below are some of the offerings NAPFA encourages you to take advantage of as a student member of the organization.

NAPFA Event Scholarships

Diahann W. Lassus奖学金

This scholarship was created to provide financial assistance to students from CFP® Board Registered Financial Planning Programs to attend a NAPFA National Conference. 的 scholarship will cover conference registration fees and a travel stipend of up to $300. Five scholarships will be awarded for each NAPFA conference (Spring and Fall). This is a program of the NAPFA Consumer 教育 Foundation (NCEF).


NAPFA创世纪 Conference Scholarship
的 conference scholarship covers the cost of conference attendance, as well as a lodging and travel reimbursement up to $750. Scholarship winners are expected to attend the majority of sessions, 创世纪社会, and the Genesis community meeting.



的 西德·布鲁姆奖学金 was created to reimburse NAPFA members for their CFP exam fees (a value of $395, after NAPFA’s discounted pricing). One scholarship will be awarded to a NAPFA member for each exam cycle.


女性的主动性 Scholarship

的 purpose of the NAPFA Women’s Initiative is to attract, 支持, 教育, and develop women as leaders within the financial advisory profession and to raise the awareness of the need for more female advisors. Currently, women make up 25% of all financial advisors in the profession. We hope this scholarship opportunity will encourage more women to explore this profession.

Applicants should be female students of any major enrolled in a college or university in the United States. Students who will be a sophomore, junior, or senior in Fall 2023 qualify. 的 scholarship award includes $2,500美元的学费, preferable applied toward a personal finance course, complimentary one-year student affiliate membership to NAPFA, and mentoring opportunities with the NAPFA 女性的主动性. Applications for 2022 are closed but will re-open in the winter of 2023.


的re are several ways to get involved as part of the NAPFA community when participating as a student. Below are some of the most common ways:

  • 加入MIX群组. MIX groups are virtual groups created by shared interest, and NAPFA can help you find members to participate in yours.
  • Attend your local Study Group meeting. NAPFA has over 50 Study Groups, which are a great place to meet fee-only financial advisors, 接受一些教育, and network with those who live in your area.
  • 参与创世纪. Genesis is a community for NAPFA members 33 and under, and they have their own Engage community, 奖学金项目, 系列讲座, Facebook群组, 学习小组.
  • 参加一个 区域研讨会 事件. NAPFA's regions put on one-day symposium 事件s where you can network with NAPFA members and get access to valuable education.
  • Volunteer at a NAPFA conference. If you're interested in learning more about NAPFA's student ambassador program, email the NAPFA 教育 Department for more information about how you can qualify for complimentary registration to an upcoming 事件.


NAPFA is here to help you make connections and seek out career opportunities in the fee-only financial advising profession. We suggest you take advantage of the following member benefits to build your skill sets and look for opportunities.

If you have any questions about your NAPFA student membership, or if you haven't yet become a member, 访问此页面 或者发邮件给 NAPFA 成员hip Department 有问题吗?.


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